Mid-size Scooters

These Scooters are designed to meet the needs of those who don’t need the portability of a small scooter and who dont want the bulk of a larger model. They therefore have compact dimensions without compromising on user comfort and safety.

Our range of Mid-size Scooters

Red-SonetThe Sonet is a mid-sized scooter that thinks big. Solid and stable with full suspension, it is highly manoeuvrable and will get into even the tightest spaces. Travel at up to 6 mph in perfect comfort and safety. A stunning design and quality finish to get you out and about in style.

Blue-Breeze-3-MidiSimilar to its 4-wheel sister, the easily manoeuvrable Breeze Midi 3 encompasses full front and rear suspension which delivers a smooth, sturdy ride across both even and rough surfaces whether travelling at slow speeds or its top limit of approximately 12.8km/h (8mph).

Silver-Breeze-4-MidiThe new TGA Breeze Midi 4 brings to market a higher level of design features that now provide further comfort, reliability and safety. Building on the proven heritage of the popular larger Breeze models, this new Midi version incorporates enhanced sharper looks, a disc braking system, fully orthopaedic seat and energy absorbing front and rear bumpers.